Strategies for getting your business Covid ready

Here is a brief playbook on how to get your business covid ready from AND Business Consulting . Reach out to Kirti, our Partner, on +91 99491 91910 for a FREE 4 hour business consultation. You can leave your email id in the comments section to get a complete version of the plan.

Time to make the shift from volume to value

What is hyper-growth? The word hyper-growth was first coined by Alexander Izosimov in a 2008 issue of Harvard Business Review to describe, “the steep part of the S-curve that most young markets and industries experience at some point, where the winners get sorted from the losers”. Later, the World Economic Forum quantified hyper-growth as more than 40% CAGR […]

Industries thriving during Covid-19

Black swan events such as economic recessions and pandemics (or in the case of Covid-19, both) fundamentally alter the way businesses operate. Covid-19 has already hit industry hard and changed the way consumers and businesses behave. However, in the midst of major economic disruption, a few industries are thriving during Covid-19. Past epidemics like SARS in 2003 […]

Lessons for the travel industry from the SARS outbreak

The UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) predicts that international tourist arrivals may fall by 20-30% in 2020 due unprecedented travel restrictions in light of Covid-19. Travel contributes 10% of the world’s GDP, which makes this number too high for governments across the world to ignore. However, this isn’t the first time the industry is going through […]

Business continuity planning for small & medium businesses

Small and medium businesses have been suffering tremendously with the Covid-19 outbreak. Growth has slowed down, investors are fleeing and consumption is declining. In India, demonetisation, GST, and the liquidity crisis have already driven small businesses to the edge and now the Covid-19 virus is adding to their struggle. Hence the need for a business […]

How to setup a successful café

Café culture in India has witnessed a tremendous boom in the last few years due to factors such as expanding working population, increase in disposable income, change in consumer lifestyle and growing influence of western culture. Here we outline the factors you need to setup a successful café. India is the world’s 10th fastest growing […]

Time & motion studies – The key to improving efficiency

Time & motion studies can unearth a lot of issues that you otherwise would not have spotted on your shop floor. According to this great article on time & motion studies, timed task analysis traces its roots back to the 1880s. Motion analysis dates back to World War I studies of the precise movements involved […]

Fractional CFO for fundraising for agri-tech company

The client, an emerging agri-tech company, was at a crucial stage in its growth. They needed a CFO to step-in and help prepare for their first formal fundraise. However, a full time CFO was too expensive an option. Enter AND who stepped in as the fractional CFO for fundraising. As an agri-tech company, our client’s […]

Supplier discovery vs. price discovery

Obtain 3 quotations before procuring goods. This is a process that is highly absurd across companies. But what can you do to avoid fraudulent quotations and ensure efficient procurement in your company? Read on to learn about the supplier discovery vs. price discovery process adopted by highly effective companies. Please click here to access the […]

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