Feasibility of new business vertical for a leading microbrewery

Find out more about how we helped our client evaluate the feasibility of bottled craft beer in India. 1. An idea is brewing A successful microbrewery operating in Bangalore and Hyderabad since 2012, our client acknowledged the rise of the bottled craft beer sales in India. Simply put, craft beer is a beer that is not brewed […]

How to setup a successful café

Café culture in India has witnessed a tremendous boom in the last few years due to factors such as expanding working population, increase in disposable income, change in consumer lifestyle and growing influence of western culture. Here we outline the factors you need to setup a successful café. India is the world’s 10th fastest growing […]

Time & motion studies – The key to improving efficiency

Time & motion studies can unearth a lot of issues that you otherwise would not have spotted on your shop floor. According to this great article on time & motion studies, timed task analysis traces its roots back to the 1880s. Motion analysis dates back to World War I studies of the precise movements involved […]

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