Feasibility of new business vertical for a leading microbrewery

An idea is brewing A successful microbrewery operating in Bangalore and Hyderabad since 2012, our client acknowledged the rise of the bottled craft beer sales in India. Simply put, craft beer is a beer that is not brewed by one of the big “mega-brewery” corporations, and has a distinctive flavour & taste that caters to […]

How to make your Café flourish

Café culture in India has witnessed a tremendous boom in the last few years due to factors such as expanding working population, increase in disposable income, change in consumer lifestyle and growing influence of western culture. India is the world’s 10th fastest growing market for specialist coffee and tea retail chains, valued at Rs 2,570 […]

Time and motion approach – The key to improving efficiency

Raise your hand if you’re pretty good at getting food to your customers fast. Now raise your hand again if you believe you still could find ways to improve throughput. You can get different, better equipment. You can alter and improve your facility layout. You can balance your workstations better. You might even reevaluate your […]

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